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Saturday, August 24th 

Todd Wehr Theatre

1pm Bob Balderson The Great Songs of Harry (Who?) Warren // Don Russell Ziggy the Clown

The Great Songs of Harry (Who?) Warren

Although virtually unknown, Harry Warren was one of the most prolific songwriters from the golden age of songwriting between 1935 and 1950, composing over 1000 songs, with over 50 standards, and was dubbed “King of the Hollywood Musical.” Nominated for 11 Academy Awards, he won Oscars for “Lullaby of Broadway,” “You’ll Never Know,” and “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe.” Well over 600 feature movies contain a Warren tune, songs like “42nd Street,” “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” “Jeepers Creepers,” “I Only Have Eyes for You,” “At Last” and “That’s Amore.” After singer/actor Bob Balderson and pianist Connie Grauer chronicle Warren’s life and songs, he won’t be “Harry Who?” to you.

Ziggy the Clown

A homeless Ziggy Stardust impersonator explores themes of identity and the choices that led them to this point in their life through music, movement, and poetry.

3:30pm Theatre Gigante I Just Want To Say…

Theatre Gigante co-Artistic Director Mark Anderson has been writing and performing monologues for over 30 years, playfully and poetically examining the anxieties and harmonic tremors of modern living.  In I just want to say…, Anderson combines excerpts from three witty monologues: Eighty Words for Snow,Who, and White Clown.

6:30pm Tyler Anthony Smith Out, Darn Spot!

Tyler Anthony Smith (@tyreranfernee), the vivacious gopher responsible for last summer’s Mein Comps, invites you to the tragic premiere of his new show, Out, Darn Spot! Directed by Stephanie Shaw.

Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts! The year is 1968! The first Big Mac is served! And speaking of disasters, it’s also the year that the lost last episode of Lady Marcia Macbeth’s “I’m Not a Suppressed Homemaker! with Lady Marcia Macbeth” aired live. It was immediately banned from ever being syndicated, and the footage was tossed into the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969. However, you’re now more than welcome to screw your curiosity to the sticking-place and travel back in time to indulge in all things boys, bouffants, and blood. The sound stage where the show was filmed is now a sanitarium, but the logics of time and space have been defied, and you’re all in for a wickedly groovy treat.  Fair is foul, and foul is fair, what happened that day live on air?

8:30pm Angry Young Men Shakespeare? I Hardly Know Her!

Angry Young Men Ltd are back at Fringe, Uh-GAIN, with a special treat for all of you puppet mayhem-loving culture vultures…

Shakespeare? I Hardly Know Her! Takes everything you love about Shakespeare – Dirty Jokes, Regicide, Twins, Graphic Violence, Poetry, and Zombies, mixes it up, and spits it back out as a fine paste performed by the Full Frontal Puppets.

Everybody else is ripping off the Bard; Now it’s OUR turn!

You know you wanna see this…

(Not for Kids)

Vogel Hall

12:30pm Dasha Kelly Hamilton Makin’ Cake

“America tried to come for me! She started shaping her identity around the same time she intensified her relationship with cake. She tried to come for us all.”

Dasha Kelly Hamilton tells the American story of exceptionalism, class and race by slicing into the history of cake. Vignettes, digital media, live bakers and Kelly Hamilton owning the stage and its stories. Kelly Hamilton is a writer, spoken word artist and creative change agent. She has performed on HBO, hosts live storytelling events for The Moth, and is an internationally-traveled speaker. Makin’ Cake was initially commissioned by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and included Kelly Hamilton facilitating arts-based conversations on race and class throughout the town of Sheboygan. Kelly Hamilton has continued to  develop the Makin’ Cake production and to pursue dialogues about human and social wellness.

2:30pm Water Street Dance Milwaukee Live // spacejunk dance little city


Water Street Dance Milwaukee Artists will perform alongside some of Milwaukee most talented musicians, poets and composer.

little city

little city is an exercise in camaraderie in the face of exhaustion. In the process of creating the work, the goal was to make the movement as counterintuitive as possible- making effort a factor that is infixed and unavoidable. We don’t care if it looks seamless or graceful. We don’t care if you can tell we’re tired- this piece is hard, on purpose. We want the audience to feel and experience the end-of-the-line energy that performers can muster while on the verge of collapse.

5:30pm Neville Dance Theatre Exposed // Zach Schorsch & Brett Sweeney Woofs and Other Metrics


Direct from New York City, NEVILLE Dance Theatre, a non-profit, contemporary ballet company, has been hailed as “compelling”, “imaginative” and a “pure delight” by critics and patrons alike. Now in their 13th season and founded by choreographer and Milwaukee native Brenda R. Neville, the company creates theatrical and culturally themed works that are a colorful tapestry of movement that spans across diverse genres. Comprised of dancers from across the country and around the world, Neville Dance Theatre brings the beauty, value and artistry of dance to audiences of all ages. www.NevilleDance.com

Neville Dance Theatre performs audience favorite “Exposed “ – a larger-than-life feast of towering shadow images and movement that explodes with a sense of intrigue, beauty, magic and energy. Performed in three sections and creatively incorporating hand-held lights, this contemporary dance piece reflects on our desires to both share ourselves while maintaining a boundary of privacy in an online, interconnected world.

Photos are by Yi-Chun Wu of Neville Dance Theatre in Exposed.

Woofs and Other Metrics

Calling all Bears, Twinks, And everything in-between! Zach Schorsch and Brett Sweeney join forces with Woofs and Other Metrics

Young veterans of Milwaukee Theatre, smart phone users, and both single, Schorsch and Sweeney comment and cater to the communities one must select while downloading the gay dating app Scruff. Explore a language of identities through movement, sound, and theatre like only these two queer artists can do.

7:30pm Karl Baumann and Selena Milewski Tread Lightly

Set in a dystopian future in which life on Earth is largely extinct, Tread Lightly explores the devastation of plastic and synthetic rubber pollution. When two clownlike scavengers discover the remains of a Layson Albatross, we enter a lyric fable featuring a Business Man and a supernatural Lady in white who give us a hint of what happened at the end of the world as we know it.  

Balancing the gravity of its subject matter, Tread Lightly engages the enormous potential for play found in plastic trash and discarded semi-truck tires. Gymnastic dance choreography and a captivating sound score featuring plastic instrumentation make this provocative experimental piece a treat for all the senses.  

Tread Lightly was originally conceived in the Moment Work devising style originated by the Tectonic Theater Project. Devisers Karl Baumann and Selena Milewski were introduced to this style by Leigh Fondakowski (head writer of Tectonic’s acclaimed The Laramie Project) as part of their Naropa University MFA Theater coursework.

Sunday, August 25th

Todd Wehr Theatre

12pm Showgirl Awakening I K(no)w

How do we know when we can’t “no”?  

Knocked flat repeatedly by ulcerative colitis, Kellita comes to know herself through burlesque, and “no’s” herself into autoimmune recovery. Kellita leaves her clothes on and lays her heart bare while sharing her unsettling partnership with her own powerful, eloquent, recalcitrant body. Finding unexpected revelations in an airplane potty, a New Orleans nightclub, and in a spacious room at SF General – sipping coconut water – she begs the question of her audience: It what ways do we force ourselves to digest the indigestible?  And what happens when we stop?

This is not a burlesque show. It’s genre? Think “intimate-chat-with-a friend meets TED Talk meets secure attachment and autoimmune recovery lab.”

Learn more about San Francisco-based performing and teaching artist Kellita Maloof and Showgirl Awakening here: www.showgirlawakening.com 

2pm Outskirts Theatre Disenchanted! The Musical

Poisoned apples. Glass Slippers. Who needs ’em?! Not Snow White and her posse of disenchanted princesses in the new musical comedy that’s anything but Grimm. Forget the princesses you think you know. After multiple sold-out runs nationwide, these royal renegades toss off their tiaras to bring their hilariously subversive, not-for-the-kiddies musical to Waukesha Civic Theatre – and fairy tales will never be the same! By Dennis Giacino.

5pm Abby Skowronski One Track Mind // La Résistance The Little Glass Slipper

One Track Mind

One Track Mind is a contemporary dance work that depicts the busy-ness of everyday life and a method that many of us attempt to use in order to accomplish more tasks; multitasking. Multitasking may be helpful inside the office, but many people continue their work, tasks, and social life when they sit behind the wheel of their vehicle. This work also takes a look inside driving patterns and distracted driving. So is multitasking more harmful than helpful?

The Little Glass Slipper


France 1789. We are at the Queen’s Theater attending a theatrical performance given by Marie Antoinette and her aristocratic friends. It is July 14th and today the Bastille will be stormed, but first, there is theatre. This 45 minute dramedy follows the antics of performers trying their very best to stage a production of “The Little Glass Slipper” as the French Revolution breaks out. Actors flee, an assassination is attempted, and the age old saying “The show must go on” is pushed to the limits.

7:30pm The Valentine 5: Death Be Not Proud

Five variations on the theme: death be not proud. Created and performed by

Guitarist Steve Peplin, Dancer Cedric Gardner, Composer Josh Backes, and Poet/clown Chad Piechocki.

Vogel Hall

12:30pm Catey Ott Dance Collective SYNAPSE  // TEG and Artists Unhung Gold


“SYNAPSE, an artistic impulse” is a 30 minute work that knits 3 premiere pieces together into one. It opens with a solo for Catey Ott Thompson called “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” followed by a new trio and quartet entitled “Train of Thought” and “Future Letter to My Love.”  The emotional tone of the opening solo begins in a reflective and pensive light to describe the feelings that surround change and the resistance to change, but then shifts to a more up-beat rhythm, offering up the concepts of acceptance, moving forward, and staying fluid and strong through life. “Train of Thought” is a quartet for Natasha Posey, Sarah Chomeau,  Rebecca Johnson and Ott Thompson that explores the synapses and artistic impulses of the brain and nervous system, moving in and out of gray matter, electric currents, and synchronicity. “Future Letter to My Love” is a trio for Posey, Chomeau, and Johnson that revolves around the idea that there are memories and personal stories in each of our minds that we would like to share with a loved ones someday, but now is not yet the right moment. The dance piece is based on images and emotions based on the letters that each of the dancers wrote to a loved one.  The music for this concert was composed by Randall Woolf and the set was designed by visual artist Meghan McKale.

Unhung Gold

Unhung Gold is an interdisciplinary work collaborated with writer/artist Dóri Varga, musician Joshua Sampson, and mover Taylor Graham. The piece, originally a solo research endeavor regarding the embodiment of trauma/experience and how to move with them, now is an ongoing creation of ideas central to being at the edge of what one can think and feel. We investigate movement through a sense of getting into a relationship with life that is knowing and unknowing. Understanding the space between effort and ease, listening to inner desire through our relationship to space, objects in the space, one another, and fantasy beyond what is tangible. Through ‘Unhung Gold’, we find freedom within form. We collectively make the choice to engage with mobility, invite it in, sit back and witness ourselves unfold.

2:30pm The Field Milwaukee Demonstrate

A group of inter-disciplinary Milwaukee-based artists grapple with the theme of protest through visual, musical, movement and theatrical forms. This group of artists is linked through a shared creative process: Fieldwork, a volunteer-run workshop whose non-directorial style of feedback ignores hierarchy and financial burden, acts of protest in and of themselves. Through this artistic meditation, we are called upon to resurrect, challenge and demand more from the world and ourselves. Demonstrate opens a session of Fieldwork to the public. Whether it is the artist, the critic, or the audience – we get to witness the power of showing up.

5:30pm The Lucchesi/Kietzman Project The One Act Suit

The One Act Suite written by Michael Lucchesi; directed and conceived for the stage by Tim Kietzman. Thematically, the plays are connected by WW ll and facts which took place and are divulged many years later.

7:30pm Lake Arts Project HeART of War

Lake Arts is thrilled to be back at the Fringe again this year! Welcome to a very special highlight performance of our Spring Collaboration, HeART of War. For the last year, we’ve been busy collaborating with Feast of Crispian, DNAWorks, and Alliance School to explore creative ways to utilize art as a healing tool. We’ve brought military Veterans and sophomore students from MPS Alliance School into our group to share, and support one another. Lake Arts Project hosted three workshops earlier this year to create a space for coming together, building an atmosphere of sharing and working through personal trauma. The first workshop, which was led by Feast of Crispian was rooted in Shakepeare-based theater and acting exercises. This initial workshop involved veterans and Alliance School students. The second and third workshops, led by Adam McKinney, TCU Professor, DNAWORKS Co-Director, and former Alvin Ailey dancer, were based on storytelling through expressive and therapeutic movement. Mr. McKinney’s workshops involved veterans, Alliance students, and dancers. Lake Arts Project is honored to interpret the stories of our friends and collaborators onstage this evening. Choreography by: Ashley McQueen, Jennifer Miller, Karl von Rabenau Performers: Kiva Carman-Frank, Carissa DiPietro, Bri George, Barry Molina, Lizzy Tripp

Art, in all of its forms, has been highlighted as a strong tool in working through PTSD. There are an increasing number of studies and newly designed programs that continue to prove the value of the arts for an overall balance and happiness in life.

Peck Pavilion

1:30pm Lindsey Ruenger Dance A Red Shift and Twist // Wingspan Dance Greet // Lexie Kaufmann Dance Hivemind

A Red Shift and Twist

Lindsey Ruenger Dance will perform a dance solo, “A Red Shift and Twist” inspired by the Inhotim Museum’s “A Red Shift”. Her interpretation of this art installation explores time, space and imposition vs. circumstance. Lindsey’s work is heavily influenced by post-modern dance, minimalism and is interested in how dance is seen as visual art. 


MADISON, WIS. – June 6, 2019: The Wingspan Dance Group in Madison, Wis. Photo by Lauren Justice

“Greet”: Verb – receive or acknowledge (something) in a specified way

Exploring how to “Greet” others, finding moments in awkward times to collide or sift through the gestures and words that mean we want to connect. This exploration of tact, ungraceful moments, frustrating annoyances and remembering how to “greet” others is a path we are venturing onto. In this piece we are attempting to bust the inward bubble and reach out to connect with others.


Lexie Kaufmann is a dancer, performer, and choreographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a recent BFA graduate from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, she had choreographed ‘Hivemind’ as her senior project which was performed for the first time at New Dancemakers: Locus in November 2018. Hivemind is a personal reflection on the past struggles with emotional bullying amongst female friends; specifically in regards to exclusion and confrontation. This piece was derived from the experiences of the choreographer as well as her dancers.

4pm NINETEEN THIRTEENCello and Drums Forever

Cellist Janet Schiff and Percussionist Victor DeLorenzo (founding drummer of Violent Femmes) create the new, dynamic sound that is NINETEEN THIRTEEN.

Schiff plays a cello that was made in Romania in the year of 1913 while DeLorenzo plays a set of drums made in modern day America. Together their music suggests mystery, romance and future thought.  

Powered by cello layers and beat brush percussion, this award winning duo defies expectations and rewards listeners with their unique expression of music.

more info at www.NineteenThirteen.com

6pm Rocket Paloma

Rocket Paloma is a MKE indie project started by Jo Kerner with a heavy folk foundation and a progressive edge. Kerner’s soaring vocals amidst the cleverly crafted compositions can be heard regularly on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, 91.7 WMSE and FM102.1. Don’t miss RP’s last performance in MKE before she takes off on her next big adventure! ENJOY THE RIDE! Check out RP’s discography at https://rocketpaloma.bandcamp.com/

Roving & Visual Artists

BeingNau Art

Brian Nau is a Milwaukee born artist currently residing in Grafton, WI where he has his art studio at the base of the waterfall on the Milwaukee River. His surrealistic art style is colorful and interesting. Brian is now branching out into wood carving using the natural wood grain to accentuate his surrealistic style. Brian enjoys creating and sharing his art at festivals. He describes his work as visual narratives of interconnectivity and receives energy and inspiration from the interactions he experiences. 

Kathryn Cesarz Le Lady Accordioniste

A very sophisticated, beautiful, and charming mime is here to play her accordion. Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned, she’s delighted to be here and share her dramatic music. It’s all very French. -Ish. French-ish. Influences from mask, commedia dell’arte, and clown.

Mad Rogues Shakespearean Scavenger Hunt

Join a bunch of Mad Rogues on a journey through Shakespeare’s most famous cannon. Watch as Juliet meets Macbeth or Petruchio tries his hand at Ophelia. It is up to you the audience to find our roving hero’s perfect match. All you have to do is lead one of our professional actors through the grounds. Total experience should last around 20 minutes.

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dancers

The Art of The Ox

The Ox uses a pseudonym only to separate his art from the other work he does as a writer. He chose that animal because he believes in working hard and steady, remaining humble and believing in strength. He signs all of his work with the Arabic symbol for cattle — a design that would later invert and become the first letter of the Western Alphabet – thus serving as a symbol combining his art and his writing.

He wants only to make things that did not exist before he made them. He gives inspiration no more responsibility than that. He creates with enthusiasm and gratitude and welcomes any statement of meaning or significance from the viewer. He hopes everyone enjoys the finished products as he plows ahead with intent and without pretense. Finally, he always finds something to like about the work of other artists. It is the duty of artists to support each other as the world all too rarely does.

The Ox works on canvas, linen, wood or metal. He creates in two and three dimensions. He experiments with oil, acrylic, enamel, watercolor, wood stain, gunpowder, ink, pencil, latex, oil pastel, adhesives, Flex Seal and spray foam. In an era when it seems “it’s all been done,” he hunts for something as of yet undone and unseen. Finally, he is always fascinated by the human eye’s ability to forge an image out of even the most rudimentary line and color. He enjoys playing with that.

The art of Ox is available for sale, display, and commission. In addition to painting, he works on murals and installations on demand. If you have any questions, please contact The Ox via this site.

Tum Tum Tree Studios

Visual art and painting by Kate Eternick.

Voices Found

Voices Found Repertory is a team of resourceful problem solvers interested in passionate, empathetic stagings of Shakespeare’s plays. Most of our actors, directors, and designers are young adults dedicated to making the theater of the past relevant to the audience of today. Our contribution to the Fringe Festival will consist of selected scenes from past shows, a fight choreography demonstration, and a preview from our upcoming production, Henry V.

Warped Dance Company

Warped Dance Company performs aerial vignettes using silks, lyra, trapeze, spansets and music to transfigure the human form into a work of art. The performers will be presenting solo work as well as duos and trios all while highlighting their skill sets.