2021 In-Person Festival Line-Up

Peck Pavilion Stage Performances by:

Valentine vii: The Last Page — Chad Piechocki

Through music, movement, poetry, and video Valentine (Chad Piechocki) with his friends and family explore the aftermath of a long quarantine. Collaborators include include writer Cree Myles, composer/musician Josh Backes, musician Steve Peplin, interpreter Charlotte Kinney, and poet Dasha Kelly Hamilton; family members include children of performers and their video games.

Valentine returns to earth on the Necronautilus and is confronted by video games, distorted memories of the near past and the robot Specula; they try to pull him back to where he came from. Valentine and his crew attempt to disconnect from the past and to bend space and time into our new normal.

RESILIENCE — Catey Ott Dance Collective

This seamless dance performance (45 min) titled Resilience blends technical and innovative movement into a journey through the mind, body, and emotions experienced during the 2020-21 pandemic through an interpretive lens.  Memories, happenings, and mindful reflections are explored based on loss, love, ritual, boredom, and efforts for revival. The energy and tone of the work eventually evolves into an explosion of gratitude for the aspects of life that really pull us all through the tough times.  Catey Ott Dance Collective perform’s choreography by artistic director Catey Ott Thompson with inspiration and movement development by dance artists Natasha Posey, Sarah Chomeau, Rebecca Johnson, and Anna Sanders. In Good Company (Pandemic Survival and Revival) opens the show with hints of insolation and angst that wind down into a zen mode. Catey Ott Thompson’s solo, Congruence, was developed based on the psychological concept of balancing the inner and outer self and what it means to embrace patience, acceptance and mother nature to soothe the temperament. Rebecca Johnson’s solo, beyond the mire, is a journey of discovering how to adjust and endure. It explores the process of asserting autonomy and regaining control in times of limitation or vulnerability. The finale, Pandemic Pods: Always by My Side, evolves into a community explosion of gratitude for the aspects of life (family, friends, and simple comforts) that really pull us all through the tough times.  The pieces will be knitted together by movement interludes for guest artists Ogechi Egekeze and Kathleen Wolff. Original music compositions for In Good Company and Congruence were created by Baltimore’s renown Tim Nohe in collaboration with Catey Ott Thompson and company’s choreography.

People Do Do Such Things — Tyler Anthony Smith

Don Vito Corleone. Tony Soprano. HEDDA GABLER? Well, actually it’s Hedda Rose Marie Gableroni, and she thinks it’s time you hear her f***ing side of the f***ing cannoli. She didn’t mean to shoot herself in the f***ing head! Woah, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Okay, so it all starts when Hedda marries brainy mobster George Tesmatelli, which is great because that means she can assume the glamorous role of mob wife. And then a bunch more stuff happens! Boredom! Murder! Lust! Hats! Embezzlement! Vine leaves! Simply put: This show is an offer you can’t refuse.

Based on Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler
Written & Performed by Tyler Anthony Smith
Directed by Stephanie Shaw
Wig by Keith Ryan
Promotional Photography & Make-up by Dakota Hughes

The Best D*mn Show! — Joshua Yang

“The Best D*mn Show” is a parody show within a show. A talent competition which mocks the notion of exploiting artists. The audience will be entertained by dance, acting, and music. More than likely forgetting that the show isn’t a real competition.


Cellist Janet Schiff and Percussionist Victor DeLorenzo (founding drummer of Violent Femmes) create the new and dynamic sound that is NINETEEN THIRTEEN. Schiff plays a cello from the year 1913 while DeLorenzo plays a set of drums made in modern day. Together their music suggests mystery, romance and future thought. Powered by cello layers and beat brush percussion, this award winning duo defies all expectations.

Surrounding Area Performances by:

Art in the Air — Warped Dance Studio

Warped Dance Company will perform intricate movements in dance routines using the aerial silks, lyra, hammock and the aerial straps to display wonderful performances high above your heads demonstrating grace, elegance, excitement and strength in the most memorable way. 

Thinking of Mother — Ashley Ray Garcia

Thinking of Mother is a piece about the internal stress and anxiety in women who have to been told how to sit and what to wear. In a world where women are told they are “too much” of anything, you’ve been lied to. You are enough.

Mad Rogues Theatre Company

Dial-Up Stepmom

Visual Artist Displays by:

The Ox: Your Face Escapes Me — John Lewinski

The great men and women of the past fade from our arrogant memories, while we choose to forget the lessons the world’s free thinkers taught us. In an era when our personalities become acronyms and faces disappear behind masks or within the fronts of narcissistic media, we ache to connect with the visages of human beings worthy of showing us the way. These emerging portraits look to reconnect us.

Gallery Art — Eugene Zakrzewski

Monoprint Artist, Milwaukee, WI