2021 Virtual Festival

Virtual Shows by:

Full Frontal Püppetry: “You Know What Would Be Cool?…” — Angry Young Men Ltd.

Oh crap, they’re back! Last Milwaukee Fringe they brought you Shakespeare. This time, the Full Frontal Püppets handle those other mainstays of Theatre: Alcohol abuse and Artists with Ideas! As things begin getting back to normal, that wacky gang of decidedly NOT normal puppets (& puppeteers) gather together at a local watering hole to ask “What do we do next?” As the beer & ideas start flowing, the question becomes “Who gave these guys a video camera?” & “What’s IN this drink, anyway?” (Run Time: 30-45 minutes)

YOLO — Feel So Young Theater

Don and Myrna have been married for 47 years. But when their daughter sends them an “Alexa”, their comfortable routine is disrupted. Told with playfulness and heart, YOLO is a story of technology, change, and connection in the modern world. Yolo is a poignant and entertaining play about how seniors wrestle with technology, that evolves into a nostalgic and poetic story about how human connection is crucial in this age of technology. (Run Time: 35 minutes)

Social DisDance — Lake Arts Project

This piece was created to express our feelings, and to let out our creative energy during the quarantine in 2020. The shutdown during the pandemic had a great impact on Lake Arts Project artists and veterans that were connected and collaborating at that time. In response, we got creative at home. (Run Time: 11 minutes)

Faded Shorts — Fridge Door Live Theatre Company

Faded Shorts by Len Cuthbert is 4 short plays about the mystery of life and beyond. “I highly recommend this collection of pieces about life and death, time and space, family and strangers,” J.B, Artist, Actor. (Run Time: 46 minutes)

Second Helping — by Kelli Dunham

Kelli Dunham grew up the youngest child in a large Wisconsin farm family that taught self-reliance as a religion.. When Kelli lost not one but two partners in a row to cancer, she was forced to start making different choices. Second Helping is part stand-up comedy, part sit down tragedy with love and body fluids in the cracks in between. (Run Time: 45 minutes)

Becoming Adorable — Theatredust

Why! Why did she do it? Amy Williams thought taking a class in making online videos would be fun. That it would give her a chance to give reviews of some of her beloved romantic comedy movies. Then she was assigned a lab partner, Oscar Ludlow, who is trying to learn to direct and edit videos, and seems to think he’s going to be another Spielberg. Now the things she doesn’t like discussing, such as being a trans woman, are being revealed to the world. She’s certain it will not end well. It’s a solo Rom-Com, told over the course of four YouTube style videos! More information at theatredust.com. (Run Time: 52 minutes)

Cracked! Surviving My Life — Roberta Miles

“Cracked, Surviving My Life” by Roberta Miles is a selection from her collection of irreverent, autobiographical monologues that make up a tell-all expose of her quirky, edgy life. Not for the faint of heart, this grouping is a no-holds-barred look at her outrageous voyage from young girl to mature adult. Each monologue highlights a defining moment in her life. Sometimes, funny, sometimes bawdy, sometimes sad, this journey through the colorful life of a passionate woman is sure to inspire. (Run Time: 59 minutes)

Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures — Emperor Penguin Records

Called a mix of modern classical, free form jazz, heavy metal and atmospheric rock, Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures is the brainchild of composer Aaron Kerr.  Aaron is an award-winning cellist in St. Paul, MN and a recording artist for Emperor Penguin Records in Milwaukee.  AKDC is built on the concept of “conducted improvisation”.  Structured like jazz, the musicians are familiar with the established groove of the piece, but also have opportunities to solo when called upon.  Aaron splits his time as performer and conductor of the group, and his current lineup includes cello, piano, drums, mandolin, electric guitar, electric bass, clarinet, bass clarinet, and percussion.  No show is the same, and listeners are guaranteed a mix of genres, tempos, and sounds to keep their ears curious, excited, and entertained! (Run Time: 45 minutes)

Effing Robots: How I Taught the A.I. to Stop Worrying and Love Humans — Giant Nerd Productions

Artificial Intelligence is on the way, and it will be powerful. What happens when it arrives? How will it perceive humanity? Can it learn … to love? After getting hit on by a chatbot, one horny science fiction nerd quests to make it with a new AI overlord. (Run Time: 65 minutes)

Strata — a film by Kaley Pruitt Dance

“Strata” is a dance film exploring use of layered camera work to choreograph close spatial proximity of dancers not physically possible during COVID-19. The film was shot with no more than 2 dancers on set at one time, and one dancer was even filming remotely in another state. All proximal spatial relationships of the dancers’ bodies were “choreographed” in the editing process with frame layering. The film medium allowed Pruitt to explore spatial relationships digitally which are unable to exist live due to social distancing. The work explores the tension in being separated physically and emotionally from others while imagining a world of closeness and shared spaces of memory. Choreography by Kaley Pruitt in collaboration with the dancers. Performed by Julianna Fields, Cassidy Gawne, Ruth Searcey, Channing Sparks, & Katie Thomas. Videography and editing by Kaley Pruitt. More information about Pruitt’s work can be found at: www.kaleypruittdance.com (Run Time: 9 minutes)


France 1789. Tension is high and whispers of revolution fill the halls of Versailles. We are at the Queen’s Theatre attending a performance given by Marie Antoinette and her aristocratic friends. It is the 14th of July and today the Bastille will be stormed. Chaos ensues as play and Ancien Régime fall apart. Featuring Milwaukee Performers: Jennifer Vosters, Alicia Rice, and Cara Johnston (Run Time: 60 minutes)


Theatre Gigante’s Fringe 2021 project is a selection of 9 videos from our 31 video collection of uniquely bizarre Fairy Tales written by Slovenian playwright Rok Vilčnik, directed by Isabelle Kralj, with visual artistry and production design by Justin Thomas, and music by Frank Pahl and others.

Told by storytellers from Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and France, these Fairy Tales invoke humanity’s dreams and aspirations, and some of life’s bigger questions. With cleverness and a sense of humor they look to the cosmos to portray our world – what it was, is, and could be. Orbs of various sorts, creatures, ghosts, buildings, beginnings, endings, questions, answers, and then some, are all anthropomorphized in delightful, witty, ways with a deep understanding by the author of what it means to be human.

Performers: Frank Pahl, Ron Scot Fry, Sadé Ayodele, Craig Quintero, Jason Powell, Nathan Danzer, Rose Grizzell, Peter Mulvey, Christine Zufferey (Run Time: 40 minutes)

Between — Silver Sea Productions

Where does courage come from when you have none left of your own? Between, created by Abbey Pitchford of Silver Sea Productions, is a theatrical piece that uses language, movement, and music to reflect on the weight of grief, the tradition of quilting, and the powerful legacy of perseverance within female relationships. (Run Time: 15-20 minutes)

Zach Byron Schorsch

We Must See These Things — Tyler Dobies

We Must See These Things is solo show that tells a conglomerate of stories made from existing in a world that doesn’t see you (or sees you too much?) told through spoken word and verbatim performance. Photo Credit: John Quincy Lee. (Run Time: 34 minutes)

Daniel Burkholder and Kimani Fowlin