2017 Fringe Line Up

Join us Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 in Downtown Milwaukee at the Marcus Center’s Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall and Todd Wehr Theater for the second Milwaukee Fringe Festival, a city-wide two-day performance and visual art festival celebrating Milwaukee’s vibrant and diverse arts scene!



Saturday, August 26th

2:00pm- Theatre Gigante (theatre)

3:00pm- Minneapolis Ballet Dancers (dance) present Ambiance

Minneapolis Ballet Dancers.

Following their encore awarded performances at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe, Minneapolis Ballet Dancers brings their newest works to the Milwaukee Fringe. Watch the stage come alive with 5 new works highlighting both classical and contemporary aesthetics. With scintillating storytelling, this dynamic company pushes the edge of form, physicality, and artistry. Live music composition will be performed by Minnesota-based music maker Jerrod Wendland. Don’t miss the chance to experience Ambiance.

Performers: Ella Dotzler, Erika Ellis, Katherine Hesterberg, Annie Nimmo, Casey Juul, Jolie Meshbesher, Jenifer Mack, Wynne Wrede, Jacqueline Wille, Joanna Lowry, Justin Spenner, Jerrod Wendland, Hannah Hostvedt, Bella Pangborn


4:30pm- Catey Ott Dance Collective (dance) presents INGENUITY

INGENUITY is a 30 minute long concert containing 3 dance works.   The music ranges from modern minimal to contemporary jazz to feature the company’s range from technical prowess to improvisational freedom.  Within in each piece, the dancers all have a unique voice, polished with Catey Ott Thompson’s synergistic flare.

Photos by Marueen Janson Heintz



7:00pm- Christal Wagner & Gina Laurenzi (dance) present Two 2 Duet

Christal Wagner and Gina Laurenzi explore the relationship between performers onstage and their collaborators’ medium. This nearly hour long performance will be woven together by a series of dance solos and duets that respond to the auditory experience, the visual experience, or simply one another’s movement invention.

Through movement, poetry, music, original composition and visual art, they explore the idea of the duet. TWO 2 DUET includes performances by Wagner, Laurenzi, Emma Koi and Alicia Storin. Additional collaborating artists include Dani Kuepper (choreography), Dustin Laurenzi (music composition), Josh Halverson (film), Stephen Wolff (spoken word), 2rees (music composition), and Cadance Collective (music and dance).


8:30pm- Angry Young Men (theatre- puppets) present Full Frontal Puppetry


They’re at it again! The fevered brains behind ‘Night of the Living Dead – the Puppet Show’ bring another round of their sketch variety show.Featuring the usual cuddly monsters, homicidal robots,  ubiquitous zombies, and a giant shark! There will be comedy, songs, and graphic violence for the whole family! This year’s special guest is Molly Roberts from local sensations Tigernite!


Sunday, August 27th

2:00pm- Lucchesi Project (theatre) presents PLAYING SOLITARE

PLAYING SOLITAIRE by Michael Lucchesi

directed by Paul Zaragoza and Michelle Demos Miller

originally produced at The Village Playhouse

featuring Bill Murphy and Jackie Benka

“ a story of Paris and books and soft boiled eggs.”


3:15pm- Selena Milewski (movement) presents The Dance of Moons and Buckets // Lake Arts Project (dance) presents Mentoring Hope.

The Dance of Moons & Buckets is a solo movement piece, assisted by two kokens, exploring a young woman’s journey through an abusive relationship. Through the overriding symbols of a moon and a bucket, we explore themes of attraction, repetition and, finally, liberation. While the subject matter is personal, the message of survival and hope is universal.



Lake Arts Project creates art collaborations involving local amateur and professional artists of various disciplines based on a central theme, culminating in a professional level dance performance. We will perform excerpts from our April performance, live music/dance improv, choreography by Karl von Rabenau and Jennifer Miller.


4:30pm- Chad Piechocki (theatre) presents Home 2017

Dasha, Kima, and Chad mix poetry and prose about Home. They will also pay respects to the 50th anniversary of Milwaukee’s Open Housing marches that started on August 28, 1967.


6:00pm- SueMo: A Dance Experience (dance)


7:30pm- Sophia Nord (dance) presents Sixth // Devin Settle (dance) presents Lunarous Pictures “Spring Shadow”

Sixth is a riveting exploration of the Ajna Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, or Sixth Chakra. The dancers movement symbolizes the inner intuition that is opened while meditating on the Sixth Chakra as well as the struggle to find balance between the Nadis (a symbol within the Sixth Chakra represented by two snakes fighting for equanimity). One snake (or in this case dancer) represents the darkness and passive energy while the other represents light and active energy all found within. Through the intense cacophony sound score, there are harmonized voices woven in to produce an audible exploration of the piece, creating homophony between the movement and the sound. The two dancers take the audience on a journey of their inner minds, in hopes that the audience will be able to find a sense of balance themselves.

Lunarous Pictures “Spring Shadow” Videographer: James Gilbertson
Performers: Kristin Reidelberger, Devin Settle, Michael Richards, James Gilbertson


Saturday, August 26th

1:00pm- The Battery Factory (theatre) presents Version 3 of Valentine The Physics of Time Travel, An Act of Transgenracialization

A meta-experience exploring themes of chance, time travel, hierarchy & oppression, dinosaur culture, and polka music.  


Valentine eagerly shows off his latest time travel device after failing to entertain the audience with card tricks.  He delivers an abstract message from the future, then goes back millions of years to take some pictures of dinosaurs.

Valentine transgenracializes to Cree as a result of going to time before human consciousness.*  While talking to telepathic dinosaurs with keen dance moves, Cree learns that the time machine does not go forward!  So, she-he is about to be frozen in time unless she-he and the dinosaurs can overcome prehistoric obstacles and figure out a way to travel back into the future.

*Transgenracialize is a word we made up in order to advance the plot.  It means that Valentine turns into Cree.  He becomes a she of a different race as a result of it…travelling faster than the speed of light, trying to expand consciousness beyond the divine, and making stuff out of cardboard boxes.

Version 3 of Valentine is an organic theatrical experiment devised by Chad M. Piechocki, M. Cree Myles, Posy Knight and Kirk Thomsen.  Produced by The Battery Factory and workshopped at The Field Milwaukee.

Commissioned by Christopher Stawski of McGranahan & Stawski, Ltd. with artistic friendship and support provided by Rebecca Holderness and Eric Segnitz.  Conceived in part by Rebecca Rossi-Piechocki and props made by Eli & Asher Piechocki.


2:30pm- Salty Lark Dance (dance) presents Parachutes in Our Pockets

Chicago’s SALTY LARK DANCE presents Parachutes in Our Pockets, a concert of three modern dance works defined by evocative movement language, skillful partnering, and lush physicality. The production includes the premiere of Artistic Director Madeleine Reber’s Bones and Trains along with Lighthouse and Parachutes in our Pockets.  These dance works allude to voyage and navigation, and contemplate the mechanisms, crafts, and ideas that get us from here to there. Layering intricate gestural composition and poignant imagery, they do not follow linear narratives, but convey a human story.

Parachutes in Our Pockets

Music: Jacques Brel

Dancers: Natalia Alarcon, Megan Beseth, Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Megan Rhodes, Bonnie Christine Willis

Bones and Trains

Music: Steve Reich

Dancers: Natalia Alarcon, Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Bonnie Christine Willis


Music: Arvo Pärt, Henryk Görecki

Dancers: Megan Beseth, Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Bonnie Christine Willis

Choreographer and Artistic Director: Madeleine Reber


4:45pm- Bollywood Dance Scene (dance) presents Love You Zindagi

From the creators of the highest selling show of Minnesota Fringe, three years in a row, Love You Zindagi, is a new production of Bollywood Dance Scene, premiering for the first time in Milwaukee!


6:30pm- Project Non-Violence (theatre) presents What Really Happens?

A real-life-based performance focusing on the day-to-day issues that teens face in 2017 Milwaukee. In monologues and scenes, Milwaukee teenagers struggle to sort through their problems at a mandatory group therapy session.



7:45pm- Cooperative Performance (theatre) presents Fruition of a Delusion


Fruition of a Delusion follows Ruby on her quest to solve the world’s energy crisis with the help of some popular scientists. An original work presented by Cooperative Performance told with text, music, movement and a machine.


Sunday, August 27th

2:30pm- KACM (theatre) presents WHO ARE YOU, FRITZ HABER?

English language premiere of award-winning French play. Fritz Haber, a brilliant German chemist, is the man who literally pulled food out of thin air with the revolutionary Haber-Bosch process, saving the world from famine. This will win him the Nobel Prize, but in April of 1915 the world is at war and Fritz has just come home from the front after releasing tons of chlorine gas into the Allied trenches. His wife Clara Immerwahr, the first German woman to become a Doctor of Chemistry is appalled, and the explosive argument that follows has implications for more than just the Haber family, for on his own initiative, Fritz Haber has brought chemical warfare to the Western Front and into the 20th century.


4:45pm- Montauk Project (music & dance) presents [più mosso]

Montauk Project is an improvised percussion/woodwinds duo featuring Milwaukee-based musicians and educators Jake Polancich (drums/percussion/bassoon/guitar) and Ryan Meisel (saxophones, flutes/processors). The project was formed in late 2012 in an effort to explore extreme improvisational opportunities and original music that couldn’t be duplicated in a larger ensemble. Montauk Project continues to serve an artistic longing to react musically to an array of occurrences in our world…good, evil, and everything in between. With this project, the music goes where it needs to. There is an intentional transparency to Montauk Project compositions; allowing the music to breathe, morph, flex, and maneuver.

The duo is joined by dancers Elisabeth O’keefe Roskopf, Liz Sexe, Katharina Abderholden, and Liz Lichte as they explore movement through improvisation and sound. “Più mosso” is the Italian musical term that translates to “more motion.”


6:15pm- Reconstructing Grimm (theatre) presents The Incredible Adventure of Alvin Tatlock


Sunday, August 27th

1:30pm- Maya No Maya (music) presents Comprovocations

an hindustani influenced improvisation trio consisting of vibraphone, tabla, and electric guitar performing with special guest instrumentalists




3:00pm- Summit Players (theatre) presents Comedy of Errors

The Summit Players are a traveling, seven-member acting troupe bringing free Shakespeare shows and workshops to the Wisconsin State Parks. They present their 2017 season: a brand-new production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Full of madcap slapstick, mistaken identities and marriage to top it all off, this classic Shakespeare comedy will have you seeing double! When Antipholus and his servant, Dromio, travel from Syracuse to Ephesus, they expect to do some exploring. Little do they know, each of them has a twin brother living in the city. Soon enough, people are giving them gold in the street, men are bowing to them, and they both have wives! Between a run-in with royalty and a demented doctor, it seems like they might never untangle this twisted web of errors!

Performers: Hannah Klapperich-Mueller, Sydonia Lucchesi, A.J. Magoon, Michael Nicholas, Joe Picchetti, Nadja Simmonds, Ava Thomann


5:30pm- Gabriel Harris Group (music)


6:45pm- Nick Zoulek (music) presents Rushing Past Willow

“…Nick Zoulek’s performance, on saxophones of every range, is stunningly virtuosic, whatever the genre.”-The Wall Street Journal.

In Rushing Past Willow, saxophonist and composer Nick Zoulek pushes past the boundaries of saxophone sound. What begins as a recognizable line circles back on itself, erasing ideas of beginnings and endings. Comprising Zoulek’s solo works for alto, tenor and bass saxophones, the pieces coalesce into a raw, emotionally-driven narrative of compassion, connection, chaos, and time.

Rushing Past Willow is available on Innova Records. For more information, please visit www.nickzoulek.com



Sunday, August 27th

Join Groundwork Milwaukee for our two-part salsa contest.

Step 1 (AKA chips and salsa): harvest tomatoes from your garden or nearest farmers market to make a delicious homemade salsa. Try the variety of homemade salsas and vote for your favorite!

Step 2 (AKA bailemos salsa): Enjoy some salsa music and take a salsa dance class. Beginner’s welcome! We will also be hosting a salsa dance contest if you care to try or just watch. The evening will conclude with a social dance for all levels first time beginners or experienced dancers. Everyone is welcome and sure to have a great time!

Prizes for best homemade salsa and dance moves!


4:30-5:30pm-  Salsa Class

6:00-7:00pm- GroundworksMKE- Salsa Contest

7:00-9:00pm- GroundworksMKE- Social Dance



Anja Notanja Sieger presents Typewritten Portrayals


Local improv poet, Anja Notanja Sieger will set up with her typewriter offering to describe your essence instantly, on-the-spot through words and a drawn picture.  

Cost: $20 or $10 for students and artists.



Alice Wilson presents Human Statue

As seen on TMJ4 and Fox 6, Alice is Milwaukee’s premiere resident living or human statue performer. She travels the country creating delightful photo opportunities for children of all ages! Unlike many performers of this type who typically offer 1 or 2 characters Alice offers nearly 15 and that list is ever growing! Some of her most popular you may have seen at Summerfest and other festivals are her patina pirate, cowgirl, mermaid and Rosie the Riveter. You may have caught her last month at Bastille Days as Benjamin Franklin! As a matter of fact, she has become in such demand that she now has an intern and you may have seen her at Summerfest as Amelia Earhart!


Brian Nau presents BeingNau Art

Brian Nau creating art live at Fringe Fest!





Kristin Reidelberger presents Plastic Ceiling

(Sunday, August 26th @ 2:15pm & 5:45pm; Todd Wehr Staircase)

“Somebody’s boring me…I think it’s me” -Dylan Thomas

Tame, blend, compare, repress.

Exploring the limits we set for ourselves, and the subconscious thoughts and actions that sculpt one’s existence.



Whitney Salgado