Milwaukee has always been known as a musical city.  Our city has over a dozen great venues for live music, from large arenas to small clubs.

MKE Fringe will play home to some of the city’s best bands, whether they be established groups that have moved on from our city, or young bands that are just starting to find their following.

Gazebo Stage- Saturday, Aug. 27

1 p.m.
Rocket Paloma
Rocket Paloma is comprised of four core members, Joanna Kerner, Jon Blohm, Bob Schaab and Jack Beyler. Kerner is a local singer-songwriter and theater artist. She has contributed to many local theatrical productions as a songwriter or musician/actor. Kerner calls the music she writes for Rocket Paloma “story songs”, as every song tells a specific story and therefore takes on a different and unique feel.

2 p.m.   Luxi
3 p.m.   Zhivago
4 p.m.   Mark Waldoch

5 p.m.  
The Demix
THE DEMIX delivers an experimental and explosive brand of live electronic music performance, DJing, sampling and sound manipulation, taking the listener on a journey into the unexpected, deconstructing and reassembling elements of industrial, rock, dance, beats & soundtracks to create a cinematic sonic world uniquely his own. 

6 p.m.   Oh My Love
7 p.m.   Zed Kenzo
8 p.m.   Abby Jean Rebel Love and Her Band
9 p.m.   Tigernite

Gazebo Stage- Sunday, Aug. 28

1 p.m.  
Keeping their folk roots in the back of their mind, Seasaw’s newest album “Too Much of a Good Thing” (out July 22, 2016) ventures head-first into the pop and indie-rock realm. The duo has transformed into a combination of commanding instrumentation, intricate harmonies, and refreshing wit that is uniquely Seasaw.
2 p.m.   Ruth B8r Ginsburg
3 p.m.   Lady Cannon
4 p.m.   Estates
5 p.m.   Piles
6 p.m.   Ugly Brothers
7 p.m.   Platinum Boys
8 p.m.   Light Music
9 p.m.   Milo

Vogel Hall- Saturday, August 27

8 p.m. Tontine Ensemble
9 p.m. Nineteen Thirteen