An Open Letter to Participants


An open letter to potential participants in the Fringe Festival.

We love the arts. We love the arts so much that our small staff of producers has volunteered countless hours and dedicated unlimited energy to create something truly unique and special with the performing and visual arts communities. We do all of this for free and even donate our own money to ensure the Milwaukee Fringe Festival exists, and the future of our arts can flourish.

We’re not bragging – far from it
, but we do want you to know a festival of this caliber takes a huge amount of resources, people, time and money. Because of this, we have implemented a nominal production fee similar to what many other fringe festivals around the country are doing. We are requiring this fee to help cover costs and ensure a professional venue with great audiences can be available to anyone that takes part in the Milwaukee Fringe Festival. There is zero profit on our end from this fee.

Our team is already working hard to find donors, sponsors and grant money to help cover the cost of some of these expenses, but until those costs are covered we must ask for assistance from those participating. Performances indoors will receive 50% of ticket sales (minus sales tax), and if enough money is raised through donations and sponsorships we hope to provide additional support.
It’s understandable that a production cost on top of the submission fee could limit the number of performers that are able or interested in participating this year, which is why we will offer a limited number of scholarships to those that need financial assistance. Once applications have been reviewed, those chosen will be able to state their case as to why they deserve a scholarship.

We want to encourage everyone creating original and unique art and performances to be a part of something truly incredible and positive for our city: The Milwaukee Fringe Festival.


The Milwaukee Fringe Festival Team