Second Annual Milwaukee Fringe Festival Announces Acts

The Milwaukee Fringe Festival, now in its second year, is a city-wide two-day performance and visual art festival celebrating Milwaukee’s vibrant and diverse arts scene. The event will take place Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 in Downtown Milwaukee at the Marcus Center’s Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall and Todd Wehr Theater and surrounding venues.

The Milwaukee Fringe Festival will showcase more than 25 live acts from theatre, music, dance and visual art hailing from the Greater Milwaukee area and the Midwest. Artists returning to the Fringe for their second year include theatre groups Summit Players and Theatre Gigante, dancers Catey Ott Dance Collective and SueMo: A Dance Experience, puppeteers Angry Young Men, wordsmith Anja Notanja Sieger, visual artist Brian Nau, and living statue Alice Wilson. Among the festival’s newcomers are experimental saxophonist Nick Zoulek, Maya No Maya and dance company Bollywood Dance Scene.

Performer Bios, Photos and videos will be available via the Milwaukee Fringe Fest website,

Founding member John Schneider describes the festival as “A collaborative, interactive, intergenerational, multidisciplinary performance exhibition meant to thank the people of Milwaukee for sustaining an environment in which the arts are genuinely valued and great work is possible.”

The event will feature free outdoor performances and artist booths in the vicinity of the Marcus Center, as well as ticketed indoor performances at the Marcus Center’s Vogel Hall and Todd Wehr Theatre. The event will provide an opportunity for emerging artists to be discovered while strengthening the fabric of Milwaukee’s arts community.

The Milwaukee Fringe Festival has received support from renowned television and film actor Willem Dafoe, along with many prominent local organizations.  The Fringe  is presented under the direction of John Schneider (Theatre Professor at Marquette University), Eric Engelbart (Hollow Vessels), Matt Kemple (Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Underground Collaborative), and Karen Raymond  and Katie Rhyme (Dance Revolution Milwaukee, MKE Follies). The festival is produced under Nice Plays, Inc a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

2017 Milwaukee Fringe Festival – Live Performances


Saturday, August 26th

2:00pm- Theatre Gigante (theatre)

3:00pm- Minneapolis Ballet Dancers (dance)

4:30pm- Catey Ott Dance Collective (dance)

7:00pm- Christal Wagner & Gina Laurenzi (dance)

8:30pm- Angry Young Men (theatre- puppets)


Sunday, August 27th

2:00pm- Lucchesi Project: PLAYING Solitare (theatre)

3:15pm- Selena Milewski (movement)//Lake Arts Project (dance)

4:30pm- Chad Piechocki (theatre)

6:00pm- SueMo: A Dance Experience (dance)

7:30pm-Sophia Nord (dance)// Devin Settle (dance)



Saturday, August 26th

1:00pm- The Battery Factory (theatre)

2:30pm- Salty Lark Dance Company (dance)

4:45pm- Bollywood Dance Scene (dance)

6:30pm- Project Non-Violence (theatre)

7:45pm- Cooperative Performance (theatre)


Sunday, August 27th

2:30pm- KACM (theatre)

4:45pm- Montauk Project (music & dance)

6:15pm- Reconstructing Grimm (theatre)



Sunday, August 27th

1:30pm- Maya No Maya (music)

3:00pm- Summit Players (theatre)

5:30pm- Gabriel Harris Group (music)

6:45pm- Nick Zoulek (music)


Outdoor STAGE

Sunday, August 27th

4:30-5:30pm GroundworksMKE- Salsa Class

6:00-7:00pm GroundworksMKE- Salsa Contest

7:00-9:00pm GroundworksMKE- Social Dance



Anja Notanja Sieger

Alice Wilson

Brian Nau

Whitney Salgado

Kristin Reidelberger