All About 2018 Performances!

The 2018 MKE Fringe Fest will offer over 30 different acts at The Marcus Center of the Performing Arts!  Check out more info on performers below.


Vogel Hall in the Marcus Center for the Arts


1pm PIUS XI presents: Only We Know Best

Only We Know Best

A town hall meeting is the setting for this original musical, whose varied score and clever lyrics explore contemporary politics with good-natured wit and humor, poking fun at the ever-widening chasm between modern liberals and conservatives.


2:30pm Lake Arts Dance//Black Market Dance and Film

Lake Arts Dance presents: Moving Beyond the Battlefield

Lake Arts Project is thrilled to return to Milwaukee Fringe Festival for a third year! We hope you enjoy our performance which includes excerpts from our spring performance, plus new works. All of the pieces you see are based on our collaborative work with Feast of Crispian, another local non-profit that works closely with Veterans with PTSD using Shakespeare based acting exercises and performances. Along with DNAWorks, Homestead High School and Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy, we hosted two workshops for Veterans and young artists to get to know each other by participating in the acting exercises, as well as movement exercises led by Adam McKinney of DNAWorks. Today’s performance is inspired by our incredible experience bringing these people together.


Black Market Dance and Film present: Rollingwood

“Rollingwood” is a unique perspective on a movement interruption of a “Southern State of Mind”.


3:45pm Catey Ott Dance Collective//Linn Jennings

Catey Ott Dance Collective presents: EffervescentCatey Ott Dance

This concert is titled “Effervescent” and embodies the spirit of positive energy within an external world of chaos. The dance pieces are inspired by works of art in the permanent collection at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University with a set design by Milwaukee-based artist Meghan McKale. The underlying themes also are inspired by Zen Buddhism and the writings of author Brene’ Brown on vulnerability and love. It includes 2 solos and a 15 minute quintet to music by Louis Vierne and Brooklyn-based composers Bora Yoon and Randall Woolf. The movement is contemporary yet technical and is filled with spirals, quick weight-shifts, and a myriad of emotional drives that tell the story of finding positive forces within a turbulent world. The Milwaukee dancers include Catey Ott Thompson, Danielle Allen, Sarah Henderson, Natasha Posey and Katelyn Altmann.

Linn Jennings:

Linn Jennings is an acoustic musician based in Madison, Wisconsin who writes catchy melodies that will have you crying and humming alongat the same time. Influenced by acts like The Weepies and Iron and Wine, Linn lends her voice to songs about love, heartbreak, and her dog Gibson. She’s releasing her first EP Rainbows and Empty Roads at the end of the summer.


6pm Erick Montes-Danceable Projects presents: OTHERWISE

“OTHERWISE” is a movement based choreography. It’s design and structure is the outcome of seven “mother movement phrases”, investigated and edited by the choreographer Erick Montes; then recreated, fused and performed by the ensemble with solos vs group, or group variations. Originally the work was born out of the choreographer’s personal urgency to find truth in his own body, and how this truthfulness could be translated with integrity and authenticity to other bodies. The work shaped its own structure with the creation of space within the space with intrinsic paths, traffic patterns and sudden tabloids, that throughout a meditative routine feed a larger canvas which resembles our human interactions on a daily basis. The choreography taps into socio-cultural topics by coincidences with subtle humorous commentaries and sparks of parody in defiance against normativity and uniformity in these times of crisis and uncertainty


7:30pm Belle Ensemble presents: La Serva Padrona

A classic story of successful “leaning-in.” In this early comic opera from the hand of master Giovanni Batista Pergolesi, the leading character Serpina moves from fed-up maid-servant to mistress-of-the-house in the mere span of a day. Through cunning and a helpful alliance, she shows Umberto, the “master of the house,” who it is that really rules the roost and, at the same time, wins his heart.  (Sung in Italian, translation provided).


9pm Angry Young Men presents: Full Frontal Puppetry 2018

From the fevered brains that brought you ‘Night of the Living Dead – the Puppet Show’ comes a unique, zany & unforgettable evening of

 sketches, songs, and inappropriate puppet behavior! Fringe keeps asking us back, so here we go again! THREE YEARS RUNNING!

WARNING: Full Frontal Puppetry contains Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Drug References, Casual Blasphemy, Sexual 

Situations,Corny Puns, Musical Numbers, Liberal Bellyaching & Obscure References.



Todd Wehr Theatre in the Marcus Center for the Arts


1pm Michael Lucchesi presents: The Fall 1959

The story of a 20 year marriage that unravels in an afternoon.


2:15pm Aperi Animam//Dream City Strings

Aperi Animam:

The vocal dodectet APERI ANIMAM is proud and elated to be the sole performing act presenting selections of early choral music at the third annual Milwaukee Fringe Festival. With compositions dating from about 1485 – 1625, the ensemble’s program will survey the Tudor and Jacobean eras of England, showcasing the various stylistic changes that went underway in

this turbulent religious and political setting. Characterized by rich sonorities, purity of vocal tone, and overlapping melodic lines, it is the ensemble’s belief that this music can foster a divine atmosphere, capable of inspiring mindfulness, reflection, and relief from worldly troubles. Join APERI ANIMAM to experience these musical treasures and open your soul.


Dream City Strings presents: Dream City Strings Unwound

Dream City Strings Unwound pushes the concept of the traditional String Quartet to new heights. Featuring works by Haydn, Vijay Iyer, LedZeppelin and Muse, you’ll hear the full range of what a String Quartet is capable of. Dream City Strings Unwound is delightfully edgy with a surprising sentimentality and intimacy.


3:45pm John Schneider presents: WHERE OR WHEN: The Life and Songs of Lorenz Hart

Lyricist Lorenz Hart and composer Richard Rodgers pioneered American songwriting and pushed the boundaries of the musical theatre in form and content from 1919 until Hart’s death in 1943 (when Rodgers teamed with Oscar Hammerstein). Hart’s story reveals the difficulties and dangers faced by LGBTQ people then and still. Actor/singer John Schneider and pianist Connie Grauer, a musical team for over a quarter century, offer a personal interpretation of the story and a range of the songs. Directed by Flora Coker.


6pm Independent Eye presents: Survival

Survival features the Eye’s veteran Elizabeth Fuller as two halves of herself. As Lou, she’s been down the road and back, 77 years of surviving everything from having been born Sherilee (“Parents make a lotta mistakes: Do I look like a Sherilee?”) to dealing with a high-maintenence friend (“She’s tried suicide three times and survived all three–never was good with practical stuff.”). Lou’s weathered, sinewy humor, and her baggy pants, barn jacket, and knit cap would blend right into the local farmers’ market.

As the daily news trumpets disaster– “Annihilation Awareness Day,” “International Apocalypse Week”– Lou calls for rescue to her Inner Clown, Bozo, a red-nosed perpetual optimist. (“We don’t just sit there and say, ‘What’ll I do, what’ll I do?’ We gird up our loins and take a deep breath and rev up our engines and do something stupid.”)


7:30pm Tyler Anthony Smith presents: Mein Comps

Mein Comps is a gaaaay fantasia about a certain dictator selling discounted theatre tickets. It’s just another day for Adolf Moira Angela Hitler, constantly on the phone dealing with fools who want bargain seats to Cats. Wires are crossed, though, when a mysterious customer wedges his way into Adolf’s heart. Written by and Starring Tyler Anthony Smith. Directed by Tom Mula.




Vogel Hall in the Marcus Center for the Arts


2pm Ida Lucchesi and Co.//Alyssa Motter//Fôr Dance Co. & Amy Roby

Ida Lucchesi and Co,:

The piece presented by Ida Lucchesi and Co. is focused on the nature of falling and all that means in today’s world. One can have a falling out with another, can fall in love, can live in the fall season, and can even fall on the ground. All Milwaukee based artists, Liam Fleming, Ida Lucchesi and Emily Villajuan came together for the first time to explore this piece and how we can associate words with movement.


Alyssa Motter presents: Modus Ponens

Modus Ponens is part of a triptych of dances about ritual. Each section of the triptych draws its inspiration from the three stages of ritualistic transformation: separation, liminality, and re-aggregation. Modus Ponens focuses on the third and final stage while drawing inspiration from the previous two. The process used to construct the piece emphasized the ritualism present in my evolving creative practice. The result of this approach was a meta-ritualistic dance – a dance made by ritual about ritual.



Fôr Dance Co. & Amy Roby present: …it’s a thing with feathers

…it’s a thing with feathers is a collaborative group work that incorporates original sets to shift and manipulate space.  Interviews of Judy Garland and Dr. Maya Angelou reveal aspects of inner dialogue as the characters seek to find personal and communal unity.


3:30pm SueMo Dance Company

SueMo Dance Company is Milwaukee’s newest professional dance company that strives to bring life to the city’s growing community of artists. Founders, Melissa Sue Anderson and Morgan “Mo” Williams, utilize their diverse backgrounds to bring a fusion of concert and commercial dance to audiences across the country. Since their debut in August of 2014, SueMo has been enriching the comm

unity by producing unique movement that encompaces various forms of contemporary dance.  The result is a riveting performance that leaves a lasting impression on its audience members.


6pm Present Music Underground/PM Music

PM Underground is an audio-visual experimental music concept performance combining a traditional classical instrumentalist with amplified manipulated sounds, played alongside digital images projected across all elements on the stage, including the artists.


Todd Wehr Theatre in the Marcus Center for the Arts


1pm Thom Cauley


2:15pm Monica Hunken presents: Mt Rushmore

The play weaves through one American woman’s history in the throes of the rebellious Reagan era  – with a fantastical imaginary alternative life trajectory. An adventure with espionage, dark humor, unexpected friendship and second chances,  filled with live punk music and karaoke.Written and performed by Monica Hunken with band.


4:30pm Chad Piechocki and DIY Chamber Music presents:  Valentine 4: Happy, Happier, Happiness

Searching for happiness with music and a 6’ ladder.  

The DIY Chamber performs music composed by Joshua Backes and other MKE composers.  The show features a DIY trio of harp, flute, and bass. In one piece of music, the character Valentine tries to trump his fear of heights in order to find happiness.


5:30pm A Fool’s Enigma Productions presents: The Beauty of Psyche

A play re imagining the classic myth of Psyche and Cupid.  Psyche, a fiery, intelligent woman, is swept away by a mysterious stranger.  In captivity, she finds herself in a magical world where she confronts the man who stole her away.  All the while an unknown evil looms over her dreams. The play explores contemporary themes of female empowerment, consent, love, and understanding .  A four person ensemble will utilize music, puppets, and theatrical movement to convey Psyche’s epic journey.



3pm A Western Edge

A Western Edge is a 6 piece classic country western band that brings old school country music to audiences with a great deal of swagger and swing!  We package family friendly fun into every song, entertaining all ages, with spectacular guitar riffs, weeping pedal steel guitar solo’s,and tight harmonies.   Four musicians take turns leading songs through a diverse set that takes country music to the edge and back. Energy and entertainment are what we are all about!  


5:00pm 4th Home

4th Home is an experimental music trio that performs using saxophone, trumpet, auxiliary percussion, and electronics. The mission of the group is to explore the many different soundscapes that can be created on our given instruments, and to connect and share with others through improvised music.



6:30pm Lifetime Achievement Award

“…a grab bag of indie rock, power-pop, pop-punk, dumb jokes, less dumb jokes, pretty great jokes, and restless experimentation.” – Shepherd Express



ROVING ARTISTS (August 25th and/or 26th)

Keep a lookout for some great street performers, live art and even a human statue!

Shandini Magic

Shandini’s  goal is to produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences. Mixing the all but lost arts of old developing remarkable magic for your entertainment.

Alice Wilson

Alice Wilson-Milwaukee’s premiere  international award winning living statue performer returns to Milwaukee Fringe Fest!  In April, Alice had the life changing experience of performing on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland-home of the original fringe festival! Just beforeMilwaukee Fringe she had the opportunity to return to her home state of Indiana and perform for Indy Fringe and teach a master class in street performing.

What character will she dream up this year? Find out at the 3rd annual Milwaukee Fringe Fest!

Brian Nau

Brian Nau, roving artist working onsite both days of the festival: Brian Nau is a Milwaukee native and self-taught artist. He describes his art as “visual narratives of interconnectivity” and works primarily in blended colored pencil and ink on Bristol board and acrylic on canvas. His career led him to Utah and Laguna Beach before he returned to Wisconsin and began construction of a riverside studio in the Grafton Arts Mill building. 2018 marks Nau’s third year contributing to Milwaukee Fringe Festival, and this year, he’ll create provocative, abstract work live before attendees. Nau says of the experience of live painting, “When I interact with people, there is an energy around that interaction that I reflect in my art, so while I’m working live in front of an audience or with an individual it influences the direction of the art. It helps me connect the experience to my emotions in a visual way.”

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance

Tamarind is a group of dedicated performers who strive to give you best in class entertainment. We perform Tribal Style Belly Dance. Our Vision is to provide innovative and engaging entertainment for a variety of audiences. We have been supplying family friendly performances for 10 years.

Mezclando Dance MKE

Brett Henzig

David Bremer